Let’s Start Your Design Contest Website with Right Things!

Functional Features with Intuitive Interface
Functional Features with Intuitive Interface

DesignContestScript provides a lot of functional features and serves it in intuitive user interface for the best experience of your users.

Fast and Easy Admin Panel
Fast and Easy Administration Panel

Enjoy fast and easy administration panel of DesignContestScript, powered by ajax data tables to manage your site smoothly.

Great Codes
Great Codes

We created DesignContestScript with efficient and structural codes for the best performance and easy to customize toward further development.

Knowledgable Support
Knowledgable Support

Nothing better than knowledgable support to assist you in deploying your website and to answer your questions precisely.


New DesignContestScript Version 3.0

With New Features: Multi Language, Admin Panel Improvement, Contest Packages, Top Designers Page, Invite Designer, Eliminate Designer and more!


Features Highlight

Multi Language

Our script supports not only to change the language of your site, but if you want you can allow your users to be able to change the language on site’s front-end.

Search Engine Friendly

We realize the important of SEO, thus in our script every important pages have Search Engine Friendly URLs. It even provides clean and readable URLs that are easy to be followed by your users.

Various Contest Types

This feature gives many options to the contest holder to choose the contest type like Blind Contest, Guaranteed Contest and Private Contest. It also provides many options to enhance the listing of contests.

Flexible Fee Options

You can set the way you want to charge for the contest fee, either to take the fee from contest holder or get commission from designer, also to set the fee for various contest types and options.

Launch Contest without Prior Registration

Gather your prospective customers who don’t want any hassle to do registration before launching their contests. This features can lead to more contest creation from your prospective customers.

Custom Fields

This feature is useful if you want to set up additional inputs for the contest brief, it can be varies for each contest category.

Ajax Data Tables

Our script’s administration panel is using customized Ajax Data Tables component to make sure you can manage your site fast and easy. Just try our demo site and feel it yourself, we’re sure you must be loving it.

Ajax Commenting

No more page reload when your users write comments on a contest, this feature serves better experience for your site’s users.

More Features

We cannot list all of features here, there are so many features available right out of the box, please visit Features page to see the complete features list.

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